By now we know that diets don’t work right? The only perfect plan is the one that you CREATE to suit your life, your preferences, your body, and your tendencies. With that being said, you need a sensible starting point, nutrition education, and ongoing coaching in order to methodically learn what works for you. The alternative is hopping from plan to plan with fleeting success and never constructing your perfect plan. Sounds bad right?

So where do I start?
You can choose to either start with our Fierce Figure Jumpstart OR the PVW approach.

The FFJS is a very structured 7-day plan designed to help you drop water weight and bloating and put your body into prime fat burning mode. It requires a little more planning, prep, and willpower.

The PVW approach is a very simple protocol that helps you focus on eat enough beneficial foods to naturally reduce your consumptions of the not so beneficial foods (or amounts of them). This approach can be done anywhere with little willpower and is the perfect place to start if you are unwilling to jump in with two feet.

Be sure to post in the group regarding which approach you are following so that we can support you. Also, download the accountability sheet for your chosen approach to help you stay on track each day.