Rules of the OCC 2017-04-17T18:12:28+00:00
  1. Please post all updates and questions in the Facebook group.  No personal emails, private messages, or phone calls regarding coaching matters please.  You will find that this forum helps everyone because for every question that one person asks, there are at least 5 who needed the answer as well.  Additionally, this model allows for peer help and support.  Some questions will be answered by a fellow trainee who has already mastered your concern (for instance where to find Greek yogurt or the best way to cook spaghetti squash).  This way you are not stuck waiting for the two times per day that I am in to check up on you.  Be assured that I will be reading EVERYTHING and interjecting where I have more to add.  If your concern was adequately handled by a peer, I will signify my approval with a simple “like” to that comment.
  2. Be nice and have fun.  No “diva moments”.  I know that’s not how you roll but I have to put it out there.
  3. If you have difficulty accessing documents or videos, trouble signing up for the list or anything that is not a fitness coaching matter, please email  My assistant, Elizabeth, will handle all support matters.  Any emails or Facebook private messages that you send to me will be forwarded to Elizabeth so the most expedient way to handle the issue is to email her directly (again keeping with the efficiency factor here).
  4. Please interact as much as is comfortable for YOU in the Facebook group.  You could get workouts and diet advice ANYWHERE, the real value of this program is in the coaching and interaction so please DO NOT BE A STRANGER!
  5.  Do not feel OBLIGATED to  “talk” daily.  This program is designed for YOU.  I want you to get what you need from it so please don’t ever begin a post with “I’m sorry I haven’t been on in a while but…”.  There is NO PRESSURE or expectation other than that you will use this program as you need it.  I will gladly answer your questions whether you post daily or only when you need a questions answered.  This process is all about YOU!
  6. Because of rule #5, I do NOT “call out” people in the public forum if they have been quiet.  If you want more accountability and to be “called to the carpet” when you get quiet, simply post your intent to check in daily and ask the community to hold you to it.  If you would rather something more formal, you can book regular coaching calls with me by clicking the Extras tab.

NOTE: I will be in the group twice daily Monday thru Friday to ensure I see your questions and am interacting with you to help you optimize your results.  I will also check in once during the weekend.