How to Take Your Stats2017-04-22T03:08:09+00:00

Knowing where you started and regularly tracking your progress is crucial for knowing if your program is working and keeping your motivation high.  The scale tells only a fraction of the story so we track progress in the following ways:

  1. Weight- Weigh at the same time of day under the same conditions.  I prefer first thing in the morning before eating, drinking or showering but after using the restroom.  Weighing naked is best so that you don’t have to account for changes in clothing.  Also using the same scale at the same place is ideal.  I place the scale on the exact same tile in the bathroom each time.
  2. Circumference Measurements- Measure around your chest, waist, umbilicus (belly button), hips, thighs, and arms.  Here’s a demo of how to do it.
  3. Progress Pictures- Take front and side pictures in either underwear, a bathing suit, or a sports bra and form fitting bottoms.  The idea is to be able to see your shape and how it is changing so avoid taking progress pictures in baggy clothing. Progress Picture Example
  4. Goal Jeans (or pants, or skirt)- Get a piece of clothing that you can’t get over your hips and take a picture.  Try the article on at least every two weeks (but weekly is great too).  Snap a picture each time to document how the fit of your clothing is improving.