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Welcome to Coaching Club!

Welcome to Coaching Club.  I am so excited to have you here and want to make sure you have a smooth start so please  follow EACH of the following steps.


  1. Your name was added to the  Coaching Club member email list when you purchased your membership. Be sure to open the initial email and CLICK THE LINK in the email to confirm your subscription to the list.  This is how you receive updates and coaching emails.
  2. Request to join the private Facebook group by clicking here-> CLICK ME. This is where you will connect with the rest of the community and get daily coaching and answers to your questions.
  3. Be sure to take your starting stats. Take a before picture, your measurements, and a picture in your goal pants.  I know this is scary but you will be very glad to have this as you progress on your journey.  You will update these stats every two weeks.  You can send these to me at or keep them for your own records.  Click here to see examples of progress pictures and for a video tutorial on taking your own measurements.
  4. Go to the Current Program tab and download the current schedule and workouts.
  5. If you have any joint issues, be sure to watch the Training Modifications for Cranky Joints video.
  6. If you are new to weight lifting, watch the videos BEFORE attempting the exercise routines.  If you have questions about your exercise form, shoot a quick video from your phone of you doing the exercise in question and then post it to the Facebook group for my critique.
  7. To understand what to expect from the club- my part and yours- read “Rules of the Coaching Club”.
  8. If you have any technical issues, email, and someone on my team will assist you.