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Welcome to Great Shape Fit Club

Are you ready to break free of the exhausting failed fitness program? You’re at the right place!

Ready. Set. TRANSFORM!

True life stories of Fit Club clients.

Great Shape Fit Club is a private fitness training studio for women.  Our clients and coaches have created an upbeat, supportive community of women who are transforming into their best selves together.  The community is led by owner and head coach, Concita Thomas, who is intimately familiar with and uniquely gifted to help YOU overcome the daily struggles and challenges you face on your journey to a better body and state of being.  If you are tired of the frustrating failed fitness program cycle, give our program a try.

Coaching Calls

Do you want a plan to help with getting started, getting out of a rut, or hitting your goal over time? Book a coaching call to get customized steps and strategies to get on the road to significant, sustainable weight loss.

Coaching Programs

Do you want an ongoing high level of accountability to ensure that you implement your plan? Choose a transformation program for daily coaching to stay on your customized plan.

Personal Training

Do you want to have me physically present to help you achieve your best performance in workouts designed for your goal?Book a discovery session to find out if we are a match. Limited Availability


Do you want an engaging, informative presenter to help the people in your company, club, or organization get on the road to hassle free health and fitness? Contact us for topics and booking today.